Friday, November 4, 2011

Secret Santa Blushin' For A Fresh Start!

Oh wooow at myself lol! Almost a year and didn't post =| But like I said this is a fresh start, and I did keep my promise that I wouldn't COMPLETELY abandon my baby! Gotta count for something right? I got LOTS of new polishes for me to play with and to show you ladies =] I can't wait to tell you ladies all about that! So it's November and the holiday season is starting to pick up. That brings me to the next topic. SECRET SANTA!!! I'm so excited! Let me tell you what it is all about for those who don't know. Firstly I was invited to join this nail polish group on Facebook. I'm still fairly new to the group but they are very welcoming. =] Everyone that wanted to participate had to put their name, address, things you like and then we all get someone different to get a gift for! Then after everyone gets their package or whatnot and then we reveal ourselves! How awesome is that?! I've already started on mines, as much as I love to I can't really talk about it now cause well...I don't know if my secret santa is reading this lol! Hopefully they will love it! On another note I finally got around to establishing a stash list as well as a wish list! Gotta put them up! I'm still trying to figure some things out tho with the blog in general. Such as adding a blog roll, links, etc, so off to figure that out in a little bit. Now onto the goodies and enough mumbo jumbo!
Here we have E.L.F. nail polish in Blush, with plate M60 in black. Sorry ladies I totally forgot to take a swatch pic of this but don't worry! I have another mani in mind I want to do with this polish again and I will take a pic then. I can tell you it went on like a dream. For $1 nail polish I really like the brush! How about you? Do you have this nail polish or any other E.L.F. polishes? If so which ones?

***NOTE*** This is E.L.F. old formula, I thought I should make note of that, and their polishes have been reformulated and are $2 now.


  1. I have none of the elf polishes.. This is pretty though

  2. I have 50 elf nail polishes. Got them at 50% off from elf UK site.

  3. I can't wait to see what your Secret Santa gets you! I think this is pretty & I have a few E.L.F. polishes, too! =)