Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look at this Scandalous Treasure!!!!!!!!

=] Hii! I know its been awhile. Truth be told I backed out of the 10 day challenge =| Sorry Ida, Lizzy O, & Carinae!!! I don't think I could see myself at least not any time in the near future do another challenge. Unless its like a WEEKLY challenge where I can actually have the chance to wear my mani. =] I applaud to all the bloggers who blog on a daily basis planned or not. <3 I still have lots to tell you all! I've received my Secret Santa package and it was full of awesomeness! I'm going to wait til it gets closer to Christmas to talk about it and show the pics! On to these scandalous pics! Hehe =]

What you have here is Nubar - Treasure & Revlon - Scandalous [formerly known as Facets of Fuscia] I personally don't think I did Scandalous any justice at all. Next time I am going to layer it over black for sure. But then again...It could have also been the fact that I was more so worried about Treasure and just did a rush job on that part hehe. Treasure was a dream to apply as well as the color itself. It's it a pretty purple holo? So readers of mine...Will you forgive me for not completing the challenge?! I promise I have something good coming up! =] I've been tagged by Jennifer at The Exotic Lacquer so look forward to that also! So do you have these polishes? And are you done your holiday shopping? =]

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 3, 4, 5, & 6!!! Challenge Catch Up!

=| Sorry readers, I haven't posted over the weekend due to the fact that it was my Fiance's birthday! I love him so so much! So enough with the chit chat and onto the nails. I did manage to do the manis just didn't have the time to edit the pics and post. So here we go. For day 3, it was Favorite Book or Inspired by a book. I chose to  use the book Love Is Never Painless by Zane.
I used Wet n Wild Haze of Love with China Glaze Broken Hearted CRACKLEglaze on top. I chose Haze of Love fitted this book based on the name & the color! Its a really good book IMO. The crackle polish tops off the look because throughout the book, someone is literally broken hearted in some sort of way. For day 4 was Animal print day. I wanted to do dog prints for Smokey [my dog] but I couldn't find my plate for it! I really got to organize my stamping plates! So look what I did instead.
As you can see I messed up on my index finger using E.L.F. top coat. *sighs* I got to get my hands on some more Seche Vite. I'm running low and that's a big no no! I used Zoya Harley & Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris for this. Day 5 was Blue nails. 
I used Wet n Wild Bijou Blue. Pretty shade, reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen Marine Scene. I should do a comparison on those two! Now onto day 6. Day 6 is Favorite Celebrity Manicure.
Black matted! Nothing special, simple, yet different. Janet Jackson rocked this mani and you can see it here. I used once again Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. This is a really good black nail polish. One coat and I was good to go. I used Essie's matte top coat. Tomorrow is Day 7 which is favorite freehand nail art design. So make sure you come back tomorrow to see what I come up with and don't forget that Ida at Piece Of Pie, Lizzy O at Do It Yourself, Lady..., & Carinae L'etoile's polish stash are doing the challenge also! Check out what they did for day 6 [& 3,4, & 5 if you haven't done so already! :-)] QOTD: How do you keep your stamping plates organized?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 2: Rainbow Nails! =]

Hello =] Today is Day 2 of the 10 Day Challenge. Ahhh I didn't think I was going to post anything today to be honest! What I had in mind just didn't translate onto my nails! Not even close. But its all good tho. Maybe if I took the time to find my nail art brushes I could of pulled it off. I did a google search of "rainbow nail art" & one particular design popped out from the rest of them =] I added my own twist to it, I hope you all like it. Onto to the goodness only a rainbow can bring! <3

First lets look at the lovely polishes I used. From left to right: Zoya - Pippa, Wet n Wild - Sunny Side Up, Wet n Wild - Heatwave, Wet n Wild - Through the Grapevine, Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope, & Konad Special Polish - Black. Also the exact order I applied these polishes. Now onto the mani!

You like it? I personally love it. I can't believe how it turned out. And when I stamped it with BM-221 it just completed the look! I wish I could of took these pics outside cause these pics really don't do em any justice! I see what they mean when they talk about actually capturing the effects. But I am DEFINITELY going to redo this mani in the spring time, and rock it hard! Don't forget that 3 other lovely ladies are doing this challenge also! Check them out here: Ida at Piece Of Pie, Carinae at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, and last but not least Lizzy O at Do It Yourself, Lady... and see what they came up with today. Tomorrow is Favorite book or inspired by a book. Hmm... What to do what to do. Anyways have you every done a mani like this before? Will you attempt to do this?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Day Challenge - Day 1

Hello lovely readers =] Today I bring you day 1 of the 10 day challenge! All this came about rather fast and unexpected actually. Someone posted this challenge in this facebook group and I was like hmm. I can do 10 days! So I asked if anyone would want to do the challenge with me and to my surprise not only 1 but 3 awesome bloggers decided to do it with me! They are Lizzy O at Do It Yourself, Lady..., Ida at Piece Of Pie, and last but not least Carinae at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash. Go head on over to their pages and follow if you haven't already and see what they come up with thru out the challenge! Now here where it gets crazy. Long story short I was going to back out of the challenge due to things going on in my personal life. Sorta killed the spirit of me doing so. So I had ask the group what would be the proper way to end the blog. In all reality I meant like literally end this blog. Im glad to have been introduced to a group as optimistic as them. So here I am and with this post! =] Thanks girls!!! Here is a picture that Stacy made for anyone to use for the 10 day challenge! Thanks Stacy!

Feel more then welcome to join us as we do this challenge! So i took a crappy pic. I might redo this challenge after day 10. Onto to the picture tho.
Excuse my cuticles! =| They haven't been the same since I've *gasps* cut them! I know I know its a big no no and I didn't know it til it was to late haha! So no more cutting for me! Anyways what you do see tho is Wet n Wild Candy-licious in 2 coats and a layer of Nicole by OPI Love Your Life. Pink pink pink <3 I love pink. Weird cause I remember I use to HATE it! The application of Candy-licious was kind of streaky but I made it work. And Love Your Life....Ahh. It looks so pretty in the bottle but its a hassle to get the actual hearts out of the bottle! Side note I really really gotta remember to check to see if my memory card is in my cam before I take pics. Had a *facepalm* moment. But like I said I most likely will redo this after day 10 =]
So do you have and of these polishes? You have a pink mani now or something else? Make sure you come back tomorrow to see rainbow nails! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haul & the City

Haul & the City. Yes you read that correct, not to be mistaken with the glamorous Sex & the City. Liked that show. Wasn't into it into it but when I did watch it I enjoyed it. I am kinda bummed out tho cause I did intend on posting yesterday for 11/11/11. Didn't happen. I was going to do Wet n Wild Lady Luck =] I will have to save her for another day. Speaking of Wet n Wild, not to long ago I did my 2nd but now my first official HAUL! My original haul was with E.L.F. products last year. I had ordered all of their nail polishes one of each color and 2 of the clear and matte, along with some eyeshadows. But this right here though... It's official! Wet n Wild baby!!! So this sale came to my attention by one of the lovely ladies in this nail polish group I belong in. The sale was at walgreens.com for all Wet n Wild products and it was BOGO 50% off. Come on ladies! You know I just couldn't pass this deal up! Their products are very budget friendly as it is! Here is the box it came in. With my goofy self I don't know why I would think that the box would be soooo huge that the delivery man was going to struggle to deliver it! LOL.

Lets take a look inside shall we? =]

To be honest when I first saw this I was like ok... thats not a lot of polish really. But I was so impressed in the wrapping of the nail polishes! I'm always concerned on how its being delivered. Some places just don't care. Glad to see that Walgreens does. So lets take the polish out already huh? I know I know. Here we go. =]

Isn't that packaging good? It was like slabs of polish! Lol. Look at all those colors! Puts a smile on your face just by looking at it huh? Well if that doesn't make you smile lets see if this does! Hopefully it will. =]
BOOM! What you see here is every single color of Wet n Wild's core collections. Which are: fastdry, megalast, & Wild Shine. With the except of 2 polishes one was 2% milk and I can't recall the other one besides the fact it was a sheer nude or white color. Oh, and minus another 6 shades that I was told not to get, but I'll post about that at a late date. =] You can see all the names of them by looking at my stash list located above and in the future when I post about them! =] Now when it's like this... It looks like A LOT of polish! As you see I also picked up some other Wet n Wild products too. I also got some makeup remover, sponge eyeshadow applicators, a kabuki brush and last but not least some liquid eye liner in black. So that's a total of 60 items and it all came up to $41.35 which included free shipping! Not a bad deal huh? I hope to come across another amazing deal like this. Not no time soon tho that is. Definitely after the holidays then I'm all for it!

A closer picture of the other stuff. Forgot to mention the pencil eyeliner too. Onto polish! The first color I chose to do with the help of Jess from LuvMyLacquer was Sage in the City.

Pretty green isn't it? This is Wet n Wild Sage in the City from the fastdry line. This was a solid 2 coats, but I did 3 anyways. This is without topcoat and by itself is shiny! Dry time was fast too. Go figure lol! fastdry. Anywho this polish is on the lighter side of green. Has a real nice shimmer to it. I also got my new set of bundle monster plates today in the mail. That's what really got me in gear to do this post! The first plate I decided to use was plate bm-221. And I'm mad. As I am writing this I forgot that I didn't take a picture of it. Bummer. I might edit it later or if not I will definitely try to remember next time. Forgive me? But you will see the design on the nail! Lol, let me shut up! On to the goodies! =]
What you think? I like it. I've been having issues with transferring. I don't know why. But I did a good job this time around I would like to think. Love how green and black look together. I use Seche Vite topcoat. I love this topcoat. I don't know how I managed before. =| This also happens to be one of Jess fave stamp as well, she likes animal print! =] Well there you have it my awesome readers. My Haul & the City. Sage City that is. Which leaves me to ask you these questions... Did you catch this sale? When did you last haul something and what? Do you have this polish? Like it or pass? Whats on your nails? Or just your lovely thoughts in general! =] Until next time don't let your polish chip! naudii beautii xo

Friday, November 4, 2011

Secret Santa Blushin' For A Fresh Start!

Oh wooow at myself lol! Almost a year and didn't post =| But like I said this is a fresh start, and I did keep my promise that I wouldn't COMPLETELY abandon my baby! Gotta count for something right? I got LOTS of new polishes for me to play with and to show you ladies =] I can't wait to tell you ladies all about that! So it's November and the holiday season is starting to pick up. That brings me to the next topic. SECRET SANTA!!! I'm so excited! Let me tell you what it is all about for those who don't know. Firstly I was invited to join this nail polish group on Facebook. I'm still fairly new to the group but they are very welcoming. =] Everyone that wanted to participate had to put their name, address, things you like and then we all get someone different to get a gift for! Then after everyone gets their package or whatnot and then we reveal ourselves! How awesome is that?! I've already started on mines, as much as I love to I can't really talk about it now cause well...I don't know if my secret santa is reading this lol! Hopefully they will love it! On another note I finally got around to establishing a stash list as well as a wish list! Gotta put them up! I'm still trying to figure some things out tho with the blog in general. Such as adding a blog roll, links, etc, so off to figure that out in a little bit. Now onto the goodies and enough mumbo jumbo!
Here we have E.L.F. nail polish in Blush, with plate M60 in black. Sorry ladies I totally forgot to take a swatch pic of this but don't worry! I have another mani in mind I want to do with this polish again and I will take a pic then. I can tell you it went on like a dream. For $1 nail polish I really like the brush! How about you? Do you have this nail polish or any other E.L.F. polishes? If so which ones?

***NOTE*** This is E.L.F. old formula, I thought I should make note of that, and their polishes have been reformulated and are $2 now.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seche Vite Breaks MY Heart Because...

*sighs* So I woke up this morning planning on doing my nails. I had the colors and designs ready to go. I got up got myself together and did some things around the house so I could get in my "zone" to do my nails. I HATE being disturbed while I do my nails. Especially if I'm really digging it. If I'm just swatching or playing around with a few things only THEN I won't mind...as much! Hah. Yeah so you're probably wondering. Well. What are the colors and where's the pic? Well as you can see the title of this post is Seche Vite breaks my heart! "Why?!?" and "Are you joking?" and maybe other things are running through your head right now. The reason Seche Vite breaks my heart is because I MISS IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! =| I practically lost a whole bottle of this amazing top coat! And its kind of funny because I recently tried Seche Vite about a month ago and I've been hooked ever since! Oh how I desperately need to get another bottle but I refuse to buy it off from ebay but from the way things look I just might have to. Times like this I wish they were a little bit more commercial so they can be more available! Nothing wrong with ebay at all in fact I love getting stuff from there its just well.... I want it right now! Ever since I lost my precious top coat I haven't really did my nails all like that. Its really not the same or is it just all in my head? My second fave topcoat is China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. But once again its not Seche Vite! What I will do is post an old pic for the time being. I used E.L.F.'s nail polish in Pink Pearl! [Also my mom's name =D] I also used their black nail polish for stamping too with some black rhinestones with a rose on my ring finger. I can't recall which plate it is at the moment but it was one of the bundle monster plates!
Not to bad for a dollar polish huh?! Once again I'm still all very new to the blogging world! So bear with me and I hope to share my journey with you all! =]