Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haul & the City

Haul & the City. Yes you read that correct, not to be mistaken with the glamorous Sex & the City. Liked that show. Wasn't into it into it but when I did watch it I enjoyed it. I am kinda bummed out tho cause I did intend on posting yesterday for 11/11/11. Didn't happen. I was going to do Wet n Wild Lady Luck =] I will have to save her for another day. Speaking of Wet n Wild, not to long ago I did my 2nd but now my first official HAUL! My original haul was with E.L.F. products last year. I had ordered all of their nail polishes one of each color and 2 of the clear and matte, along with some eyeshadows. But this right here though... It's official! Wet n Wild baby!!! So this sale came to my attention by one of the lovely ladies in this nail polish group I belong in. The sale was at for all Wet n Wild products and it was BOGO 50% off. Come on ladies! You know I just couldn't pass this deal up! Their products are very budget friendly as it is! Here is the box it came in. With my goofy self I don't know why I would think that the box would be soooo huge that the delivery man was going to struggle to deliver it! LOL.

Lets take a look inside shall we? =]

To be honest when I first saw this I was like ok... thats not a lot of polish really. But I was so impressed in the wrapping of the nail polishes! I'm always concerned on how its being delivered. Some places just don't care. Glad to see that Walgreens does. So lets take the polish out already huh? I know I know. Here we go. =]

Isn't that packaging good? It was like slabs of polish! Lol. Look at all those colors! Puts a smile on your face just by looking at it huh? Well if that doesn't make you smile lets see if this does! Hopefully it will. =]
BOOM! What you see here is every single color of Wet n Wild's core collections. Which are: fastdry, megalast, & Wild Shine. With the except of 2 polishes one was 2% milk and I can't recall the other one besides the fact it was a sheer nude or white color. Oh, and minus another 6 shades that I was told not to get, but I'll post about that at a late date. =] You can see all the names of them by looking at my stash list located above and in the future when I post about them! =] Now when it's like this... It looks like A LOT of polish! As you see I also picked up some other Wet n Wild products too. I also got some makeup remover, sponge eyeshadow applicators, a kabuki brush and last but not least some liquid eye liner in black. So that's a total of 60 items and it all came up to $41.35 which included free shipping! Not a bad deal huh? I hope to come across another amazing deal like this. Not no time soon tho that is. Definitely after the holidays then I'm all for it!

A closer picture of the other stuff. Forgot to mention the pencil eyeliner too. Onto polish! The first color I chose to do with the help of Jess from LuvMyLacquer was Sage in the City.

Pretty green isn't it? This is Wet n Wild Sage in the City from the fastdry line. This was a solid 2 coats, but I did 3 anyways. This is without topcoat and by itself is shiny! Dry time was fast too. Go figure lol! fastdry. Anywho this polish is on the lighter side of green. Has a real nice shimmer to it. I also got my new set of bundle monster plates today in the mail. That's what really got me in gear to do this post! The first plate I decided to use was plate bm-221. And I'm mad. As I am writing this I forgot that I didn't take a picture of it. Bummer. I might edit it later or if not I will definitely try to remember next time. Forgive me? But you will see the design on the nail! Lol, let me shut up! On to the goodies! =]
What you think? I like it. I've been having issues with transferring. I don't know why. But I did a good job this time around I would like to think. Love how green and black look together. I use Seche Vite topcoat. I love this topcoat. I don't know how I managed before. =| This also happens to be one of Jess fave stamp as well, she likes animal print! =] Well there you have it my awesome readers. My Haul & the City. Sage City that is. Which leaves me to ask you these questions... Did you catch this sale? When did you last haul something and what? Do you have this polish? Like it or pass? Whats on your nails? Or just your lovely thoughts in general! =] Until next time don't let your polish chip! naudii beautii xo


  1. Whoa! That is ALOT of polish & such a great deal! Really nice haul. I'm glad you went with this green, it's so pretty! I do love this cheetah/leopard print stamp, definitely one of my favs! Great post & looking forward to more =)

  2. Great Great Deal. Look at the polish goodness. I love!!

    I bet you'll love your BM plates. I too just got mine some weeks back, and it's been a love affair since then.

    I can't wait to see swatches of your other colors.

    *new follower* directed from fb polish collector group. :-)

  3. Whoop whoop if only I was in America guess I will just have to drool over yours :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  4. I love sage in the city!!!! and thats a great deal!