Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look at this Scandalous Treasure!!!!!!!!

=] Hii! I know its been awhile. Truth be told I backed out of the 10 day challenge =| Sorry Ida, Lizzy O, & Carinae!!! I don't think I could see myself at least not any time in the near future do another challenge. Unless its like a WEEKLY challenge where I can actually have the chance to wear my mani. =] I applaud to all the bloggers who blog on a daily basis planned or not. <3 I still have lots to tell you all! I've received my Secret Santa package and it was full of awesomeness! I'm going to wait til it gets closer to Christmas to talk about it and show the pics! On to these scandalous pics! Hehe =]

What you have here is Nubar - Treasure & Revlon - Scandalous [formerly known as Facets of Fuscia] I personally don't think I did Scandalous any justice at all. Next time I am going to layer it over black for sure. But then again...It could have also been the fact that I was more so worried about Treasure and just did a rush job on that part hehe. Treasure was a dream to apply as well as the color itself. It's it a pretty purple holo? So readers of mine...Will you forgive me for not completing the challenge?! I promise I have something good coming up! =] I've been tagged by Jennifer at The Exotic Lacquer so look forward to that also! So do you have these polishes? And are you done your holiday shopping? =]