Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seche Vite Breaks MY Heart Because...

*sighs* So I woke up this morning planning on doing my nails. I had the colors and designs ready to go. I got up got myself together and did some things around the house so I could get in my "zone" to do my nails. I HATE being disturbed while I do my nails. Especially if I'm really digging it. If I'm just swatching or playing around with a few things only THEN I won't much! Hah. Yeah so you're probably wondering. Well. What are the colors and where's the pic? Well as you can see the title of this post is Seche Vite breaks my heart! "Why?!?" and "Are you joking?" and maybe other things are running through your head right now. The reason Seche Vite breaks my heart is because I MISS IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! =| I practically lost a whole bottle of this amazing top coat! And its kind of funny because I recently tried Seche Vite about a month ago and I've been hooked ever since! Oh how I desperately need to get another bottle but I refuse to buy it off from ebay but from the way things look I just might have to. Times like this I wish they were a little bit more commercial so they can be more available! Nothing wrong with ebay at all in fact I love getting stuff from there its just well.... I want it right now! Ever since I lost my precious top coat I haven't really did my nails all like that. Its really not the same or is it just all in my head? My second fave topcoat is China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. But once again its not Seche Vite! What I will do is post an old pic for the time being. I used E.L.F.'s nail polish in Pink Pearl! [Also my mom's name =D] I also used their black nail polish for stamping too with some black rhinestones with a rose on my ring finger. I can't recall which plate it is at the moment but it was one of the bundle monster plates!
Not to bad for a dollar polish huh?! Once again I'm still all very new to the blogging world! So bear with me and I hope to share my journey with you all! =]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introduce yourself!

Well allow me to introduce myself first. Then you? =] Anyways my "government" name is Tamira. But I sooooo prefer Naudia/Naudii but whatever. I'm... *takes a deep breath* 26. I'm dramatic if you haven't noticed that already lol! I love nail polish and eye shadow! Maybe might get into making it! Whoopee Dooo!!! Which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. To share my love of nail polish and eye shadow with YOU! Giveaways [can't wait til I do my first one!!!] tips, tricks, and all the other goodies I plan on having for you lovely readers of mine. Well technically none cause well. I don't have any followers! Lol. Even so. This won't be my MAIN blog. But this blog will always be my little baby. Never abandoned. <3 But seriously all jokes aside I will be updating here and there this will more so be my personal blog I guess til things pick up. But Look forward to my next post. Post about what? HINT: GL&FT
Now introduce yourself!