Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Day Challenge - Day 1

Hello lovely readers =] Today I bring you day 1 of the 10 day challenge! All this came about rather fast and unexpected actually. Someone posted this challenge in this facebook group and I was like hmm. I can do 10 days! So I asked if anyone would want to do the challenge with me and to my surprise not only 1 but 3 awesome bloggers decided to do it with me! They are Lizzy O at Do It Yourself, Lady..., Ida at Piece Of Pie, and last but not least Carinae at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash. Go head on over to their pages and follow if you haven't already and see what they come up with thru out the challenge! Now here where it gets crazy. Long story short I was going to back out of the challenge due to things going on in my personal life. Sorta killed the spirit of me doing so. So I had ask the group what would be the proper way to end the blog. In all reality I meant like literally end this blog. Im glad to have been introduced to a group as optimistic as them. So here I am and with this post! =] Thanks girls!!! Here is a picture that Stacy made for anyone to use for the 10 day challenge! Thanks Stacy!

Feel more then welcome to join us as we do this challenge! So i took a crappy pic. I might redo this challenge after day 10. Onto to the picture tho.
Excuse my cuticles! =| They haven't been the same since I've *gasps* cut them! I know I know its a big no no and I didn't know it til it was to late haha! So no more cutting for me! Anyways what you do see tho is Wet n Wild Candy-licious in 2 coats and a layer of Nicole by OPI Love Your Life. Pink pink pink <3 I love pink. Weird cause I remember I use to HATE it! The application of Candy-licious was kind of streaky but I made it work. And Love Your Life....Ahh. It looks so pretty in the bottle but its a hassle to get the actual hearts out of the bottle! Side note I really really gotta remember to check to see if my memory card is in my cam before I take pics. Had a *facepalm* moment. But like I said I most likely will redo this after day 10 =]
So do you have and of these polishes? You have a pink mani now or something else? Make sure you come back tomorrow to see rainbow nails! 


  1. Oh I thought the "hearts" were stickers at first, but wow.. those were in a bottle of polish? Might have to look for that polish now.

    This is pretty. It's a good thing the challenge started with pink. I'm all sorts of happy and excited. lol...

  2. I have to get a heart polish like that. It is soooo cute.

  3. Love this pink! I always see this heart polish and keep passing on it. Maybe I need to pick it up. Great start to the challenge!

  4. I see yours and the other girls' polishes for pink day and man, I suck. LOL You are going to be dying over my bad rainbow mani tomorrow! Go easy. ;)

  5. Carina M - Most important thing is that we do it and we enjoy it. Keep it up!